Julia Stewart maintains her studio in Richmond, Virginia. She is a graduate of VCU School of the Arts with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking.

Julia uses rich colors and stark contrasts in value to depict urgent, dramatic scenes. Some paintings confront the viewer with forthright imagery, while other paintings suggest a narrative but don’t provide all the information needed to complete the story. Influenced by the compellingly vulnerable and emotional figures popular in Renaissance paintings and sculptures, her interest in the human condition is unapologetically evident in her work.



"The Figure". Gallery 305 at VCU, 1000 W Broad St, Richmond, VA.

"Embrace the Wrong". Virginia Interactive, 119 W Broad St, Richmond, VA.


"Power in America". Gallery 305 at VCU, 1000 W Broad St, Richmond, VA.

Solo Exhibition.

"All Femmes". The Mix Gallery, 12 W Broad St, Richmond, VA. 

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